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Emma Lingley

Phone: 07734 189571


You can also contact me through my Facebook Page! (Here)

Or you can use the contact form provided below!

Unlike some other local dog walking service providers, your dog will be given a stimulating, enjoyable and fun experience rather than being kept on a lead or kept in a vehicle to pass the time.

I do not employ anyone to walk, care for or help with my buisness.

My buisness and reputation has been built on years of experience so you can be rest assured that your dog is in safe hands rather than someone with VERY little canine behaviour and training that has been employed to make money for buisness owner.

If you are worried about your dog being allowed to exercise off the lead then I use a long lunge rein to exercise them. I do not use or like the extendable 'flexi' leads as I feel these are dangerous and have seen some nasty friction burns on both dogs and humans caused by such leads. I tend to use my own 'slip leads' for clients dogs, I have had collars slipped, catches on collars break ect so using my own leads ensures that the dogs remain safe and secure at all times when on the lead

Dogs are naturally pack and sociable animals, they seek and enjoy the company of others. I have attended a 'dog whispering' talk and this is one of the points that was constantly referred back to through-out the day.

Your dog will not be walked alone unless you specify this.

I support and encourage good sociability whilst walking dogs, they are sociable animals and enjoy interaction with others.

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